This movie is really unattractive in a lot of ways, which I’m going to enumerate for you, because I don’t want to you to think I haven’t noticed.

  1. We are supposed to believe that good girl Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin), who has busted her ass through law school, would be best friends with party girl Darcy (Kate Hudson), who is shallow, self-obsessed, trampy, vain, money-grubbing, lying, and literally stupid. We spend time on how dumb and what a liar she is.
  2. This is so that Rachel can steal Darcy’s fiancé Dex (Colin Egglesfield), and we won’t be mad about it. That’s right, we have two women–soi-disant best friends–and we start off with Darcy steamrolling Rachel’s birthday party and drunkenly insulting her shoes, only to have Rachel make out with Dex in a cab about five minutes later.
  3. Dex has a jellyfish for a spine. A lazy, indifferent jellyfish.
  4. Outside the three main figures, no effort is put into drawing character. John Krasinski does his absolute best as Rachel’s friend Ethan, who is trying to keep her from getting hurt, but the others, a silly tone-deaf moron obsessed with Ethan (Victoria from “How I Met Your Mother”) and a skateboarding pothead himbo (Steve Howey), are just dregs from the barrel of default secondary characters.
  5. And then it goes to a weird, differently misogynist, asinine earth-mother place.

But I keep watching it, because I think Ginnifer Goodwin does a really good job at being plausibly insecure. She was also the only watchable part of He’s Just Not That into You, in a very similar rôle. Sure, the situation’s a little melodramatic, but I bet being 30 and watching the one that got away marry someone else is kind of rough. Everyone should be less crappy and childish about it than in this movie, but oh well.

Stray Observations:

  • Kate Hudson is great as Darcy. You hate her. She is the worst.
  • An excellent and surprisingly wise exchange between Rachel and Ethan, after Ethan tries to precipitate a situation in which someone, anyone dares to be honest:
    • Rachel:”You’re an asshole!”
    • Ethan: “Maybe I am, but I’m the only asshole here who gives a shit about you!”

Director: Luke Greenfield
Rating: PG-13
Length: 112 minutes
Score: Unrateable.