Watching movies is basically my favorite thing to do, and I will watch nearly anything. New movies, old movies, good movies, bad movies…just not serious movies, unless you catch me at the right moment.

There really isn’t a rationale behind this blog except that I love watching movies and I often have thoughts about them, and there are generally many thoughts about movies that are either obscure or awful (or both), which doesn’t conduce to conversation with normal people. But this is the internet! Clearly the internet wants to know what I think about every movie I see.

A note on spoilers, which I suppose is obligatory: I’m not trying to ruin movies for you unless I say so. You will get fair warning. Sometimes I feel it is a public service to spoil terrible movies, but even then I’ll let you know. As a rule, there’s probably a three to five year statute of limitations anyway.

If you want to suggest a movie for me to complain about, or that I might secretly love, go for it. I’ll watch it in any language as long as there are subtitles.